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  • I am very pleased with your DVD creator software, Too easy. Great product, well done!!
  • It makes dvd movie excellent and they play on ALL of my 3 machines!!!!
  • I was so satisfied with this DVD Creator software reviews and it works great.
  • I'm really surprised with the result brought by this program. Amazing!
  • You have very good products and exceptional user support. I've recommended them to numerous friends.
  • Thank you so much for creating such powerful and effective software.

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How to use Aimersoft DVD Creator?

Step 1 Install and launch Aimersoft DVD Creator

You can download DVD Creator here. This program specially designed to allow you to burn video to DVD like a professional. Once you’ve downloaded the program, install and launch it. The interface looks like:
Aimersoft DVD Creator interface

Step 2 Load video files

To get started, you simply add the videos you want to create DVD out of by either hitting the "Add Video" or "Add Folder" buttons. The difference between "Add Video" and "Add Folder" is with "Add Video" only the videos you specifically select will be added (you may select more than one video at a time) and with "Add Folder" all the videos in the folder you select will be added. Drag and drop loaded video files to storyboard below to organize titleset.
Load video files

Step 3 Edit videos

The plug-in video editor lets you edit videos quickly and easily. Selecting a video file in storyboard and clicking on Edit selected video file button will bring up the video trim window. Here you can crop, trim, add watermark, plug in subtitles or adjust video effects, according to your specific request.
Edit videos

Step 4 Set transition effects

You may set some transition effects to your titleset for a better visual effect. Simply click on Transition tab and there will be more than 60 transition effects displayed on the left interface. The right window will display the visual transition effect by randomly clicking any one of these effects. Simply drag and drop the selected transition effect to the between of two videos in the storyboard to apply it. Or click on Apply the selected transition button to apply.
Set transition effects

Step 5 Customize DVD menu

Also, you have many DVD menu options for you to choose from. There are more than 32 various built-in DVD menu templates. . Double click the selected on the left interface to apply it, while the right interface will display the menu effect. In addition, there are many kinds of Fames, Buttons and Text in the menu drop-down list for you to choose from. You can double click the selected template, frame or button to apply it. Moreover, you could add text, customize background image and music to personalize your DVD menu.
Customize DVD menu

Step 6 Preview

When you are done with all settings, you may click on Preview button to preview your titleset.

Step 7 Burn video to DVD

Now comes the burning step. Click on Burn button to burn video to DVD. DVD Creator gives you three options regarding to the output: DVD disc, DVD folder, or ISO file.
Burn video to DVD
DVD Label: You may want to give a name of your DVD for easy management.
Burn to: DVD Creator gives you three different output options to meet your individual needs. These options includes burning videos to DVD disc, creating DVD Folder or producing ISO image file stored on computer.
TV Standard: "NTSC" is 30 fps, which is used in USA, Canada and Japan; "PAL" is 25fps, which is used in Europe and Asia.
Aspect Ratio: Select 4:3 for a regular TV and select 16:9 for a wide screen TV.

Note: The used disc space is shown on the disc space bar underneath the storyboard; You can select the size of burning DVD between "DVD-R4.5G" and "DVD-R9.0G"; The output quality is also up to your choice, you may select "Low video quality", "High video quality" or "Highest video quality".

Tips on burning video to DVD with DVD Creator

You could burn video to DVD directly jumping from the second step to the last step if you don't need to edit video or customize the DVD menu.

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